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When doing web design and development in North Carolina there are many challenges. NC businesses are unique, and people have specific concerns.

Color is important. I notice that many people I work with want to have a lot of input in terms of the colors and styles of their pages. Seasons, local architecture, and the way content is displayed is very important. In the Triad area, there are many artists and small business. I enjoy working artists, and have been surprised that they often allow me a lot more freedom in the design than I anticipated.

People drive my business. Web design NC can be very rewarding. I live in a small rural community. I have done websites for farms, individuals and churches. There are a lot of churches in NC! I live in the Bible belt! Once I helped a person who wanted to blog about her year-long boating trip. The key to web design NC is to realize that you are helping people display their passions on the Internet. It’s a great responsibility to be entrusted with people’s dreams in this way.

I draw from my diverse experiences when I do Internet work in NC. In Mocksville NC, the school system is the largest employer. I actually work for the school system, and I’m always learning new things about technology from my coworkers. Teachers are usually very tech savvy people, and this job informs my web design NC work.¬†Having a church ministry background in my work experience helps a lot, too. I have made many videos, set up computers, and done a lot of technology-related church office work.

This article from Smashing Magazine about a Web Design challenge has helped me refine my business. It asks me to think more carefully about my work. I only work in CSS and graphics programs a little; most of my work is just listening to the client and putting things together using an existing theme and helping them create their content. It’s still important, and I still do quite a bit of tweaking and some design. I have used the tools mentioned in the article, and I encourage you to check them out, too.

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